“Themy” Automatic disposable needle for soft tissues biopsy

Automatic disposable Tru-cut needles for soft tissues biopsy


  • Automatic, disposable device equipped with a sequential advancement system of cannula and stylet
  • Lightweight and handy dispositive
  • Sequential advancement system of cannula and stylet
  • Spring loaded to allow and accurate and easy penetration inside fibrous or calcified lesions.
  • Easy loading by a slight movement with just one hand
  • Front and back firing button
  • Viewing window of the state of charge
  • Themy® can be supplied with coaxial needle (TYC /TYSC)
  • Two firing modes :
    • Automatic movement of Cannula and stylet     
    • Delayed movement of Cannula allowing the User to change the needle position before cannula firing
  • Triple ultra-sharp tip or Trocar tip on request
  • Available in 2 different advancement length: 10mm or 20mm

ThemyWe can realize for you customized products in length and size

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