Cytological Aspiration

MDL's cytological aspiration needles are internally designed and manufactured to minimize patient discomfort, facilitate doctors' use, and produce quality biopsy results.

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Echogenic cannula

Ultra sharp tip, perfectly coupled

Luer lock

Atraumatic sharpened cannula

Sliding stopper

Cannula material allows entirely linear introduction


Needle for villus sampling

The two needles are perfectly coupled

Introducer needle

Chiba-sharpened tip

Echogenic marking allows visualization under ultrasound

Introducer wings allow easier handling

Ultra sharp tip


Luer lock

Trocar tip stylet

Centimeter markings

Sliding stopper

Low deflection of the straight needle allows for safe and easy lesion entry

6 holes at 120 degrees allow for the analysis of large samples while performing fewer procedures

Peit C

Fine Needle Aspiration 

Stiff needle materials allow for completely linear introduction

Echogenic markers on stylet

Perfect coupling between cannula and stylet

Available in a wide variety of measures

Sliding stopper

Centimeter markings


Adjustable anchoring stopper 

Transparent luer lock

Centimeter markings

Trephine cannula perfectly coupled to the trocar tip stylet 

Perfectly coupled crown sharpened stylet and cannula allow penetration of fibrous/calcified lesions



Luer lock

Sliding stopper

Centimeter markings for easy determination of insertion depth

Internal echogenic markers

Chiba sharpened cannula and stylet

Sharpened lateral window allows efficient cutting and aspiration of masses