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About Us

MDL is a family-owned company located in Delebio, Italy, about 100 Km north of Milan.

For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to the development and production of medical needles for diagnostics, tissue biopsy, and interventional surgery. Through our manufacturing capabilities and total production control, we can offer a wide variety of products and collaborate closely with health professionals for continuous improvement and innovation.

Our aim is to be the main figure of support for health operators through our expertise in design, production, and use of medical devices.

CEO Marcello Dell'Oca
Marcello Dell'Oca



Founder and CEO of MDL. A Doctor in biology, he has been an expert of design, production, and sale of medical devices for over 30 years

Daniela Colnaghi
Daniela Colnaghi

International Customer Service

Responsible for international client communication and relationships

Riccardo Dell'Oca
Riccardo Dell'Oca

Head of Research and Development

In charge of R&D and prototyping of new products

Francesco Besana

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Resonsbile for device registrations and maintaining relationships with certifying bodies

Simone Dell'Oca
Simone Dell'Oca

North and South America Sales Manager

Coordinates and develops the distribution in the American continent.

Giorgio Gilli

EU Sales Manager

Coordinates and develops the distribution network in the EU.

Francesca Gianola
Francesca Gianola

International Customer Service

Responsible for international clients communication and relationships

Angiola Piliero
Angiola Piliero

Italian Customer Service

Responsible for Italian client communication and relationships

Claudia Vitali

Head of Accounting and HR

Responsible for recruitment, training, and relationships with employees

Leonarda Grasso

Head of Quality

In charge of the Quality Management System and internal and external audits.

Carlotta Dell'Oca
Carlotta Dell'Oca



Responsible for communication and relationships with suppliers

Giovanni Gusmeroli

Technical Director

Responsible for monitoring projects in the technical department.

Moreno Lucchina

Director of Production

In charge of ensuring effective and efficient production, inventory, and delivery.

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