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Chiba needle with special point for amniocentesis

Amnio is a disposable needle for transabdominal sampling of amniotic fluid for prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders of the fetus (amniocentesis). 

The needle features a stainless steel cannula and an ultra-sharp 12° angle tip to reach deep-seated biopsy sites. A special echogenic marker enables correct placement of the needle under ultrasound guidance. Centimeter markings and an adjustable stopper on the cannula help the user easily determine insertion depth. 

The hub contains a luer lock fitting to collect amniotic fluid through a syringe, and international color codes are stamped into the device for easy gauge identification. 

Amnio can optionally be provided with the NeedleVise® safety device with reference code: PBUGxxyy.


The device can also be provided with a luer extension of 30 cm using reference code: PBUPxxyy.


Product reference: PBUxxyy

XX = Gauge

YY = Length

Standard Packaging: Pouch

Included in the packaging: Amnio needle

Number of Units per Box: 10
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