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Manual tru-cut needle for soft tissue biopsy with guillotine system

HandCut is a disposable device for soft and fibrous tissue biopsies that need to be cut for removal. 

The "Menghini" sharpening of the cannula allows the specimen to be cut and extracted seamlessly. The cannula also features centimeter markings on its surface that allow for easy determination of insertion depth. 


The stylet has a triple ultra-sharp tip and 20 mm specimen notch to easily penetrate and remove fibrous tissues. 

The device is equipped with: 

  • echogenic markers to enhance ultrasound visibility, avoiding cell spreading during the biopsy procedure

  • a length limiter to ensure that samples are 10 mm long

  • luer lock technology that guarantees secure connection to a syringe for cytological aspiration

Optionally, the NeedleVise® safety device can be added using the reference code PMRxxyy.


Product reference: PMXXYY

XX = Gauge

YY = Length

Standard Packaging: Pouch

Included in the packaging: HandCut needle , stylet, and luer lock

Number of Units per Box: 10
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