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Coaxial introducer needles

Intro is a coaxial introducer needle used as insertion guide for cannulas, biopsy devices, catheters, breast localization wires, and other devices.

The device allows multiple procedures to be executed simultaneously in the patient by leaving the introducer needle in the body while the biopsy needle is unloaded and reloaded. 

Intro is supplied with a trocar-tipped stylet designed to penetrate tissue with minimal patient pain. The universal luer lock and handle are made with transparent plastic to allow fluid visibility. Centimeter markings and a sliding stopper enhance determination of insertion depth. 

Coaxial needles have many advantages such as: 

  • faster cannula advancement through hard tissues by avoiding friction of parenchymal tissues

  • ability to perform multiple biopsies

  • easier and more precise location of biopsy site due to echogenic markers

Optionally, the device can be provided with the NeedleVise® safety device using reference code: PTRxxyy.


Product reference: PTxxyyy

Please contact us to obtain the reference of Intro needles. We will make sure you will recieve the device compatible with the product you want to use it with.
Standard Packaging: Pouch

Included in the packaging: Intro coaxial introducer needle

Number of Units per Box: 10
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