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Jam Blu

Hammer-safe bone marrow biopsy needle with angled tip

Alternate Version: with diamond tip cannula, reference code: PJK2Hxxyy

PJK2 needle

Jam Blu is a device for bone marrow biopsy that comes with a hammerable, light, ergonomic handle that evenly distributes pressure during introduction into cortical bone. 

The needle is equipped with a cannula made of AISI 304 tempered stainless steel in accordance with international standards. Jam Blu has a "fish mouth" cannula tip and single-faced stylet tip.

The set also includes:

  • A safety cap to be placed on the tip of the cannula prior to specimen extraction

  • A comfortable Luer cap to avoid blood loss during extraction and aid the operator during introduction

  • An extraction device to remove the sample from the cannula after the procedure

The handle is equipped with a Luer lock connection that offers a safer syringe attachment. Aspiration can be performed at any step of the procedure. The product label lists the needle size and color code to easily identify guage size. 

Product reference: PJK2XXYY

XX = Gauge

YY = Length

Standard Packaging: Blister

Included in the packaging: Jam Blu, safety cap, luer lock, cannula protection extraction device

Number of Units per Box: 10

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