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LightCut Plus

Disposable needle for soft tissue biopsy, semi-automatic version, with detatchable cannula

LightCut Plus is a disposable device designed for soft tissue biopsies such as liver, thyroid, kidney, breast, lung, and prostate. 

The biopsy specimen can be taken with two different lengths: 10mm or 20 mm.

After loading the cannula, LightCut Plus can be used with one hand leaving the other hand free to handle other devices such as an ultrasound guide. 

The stylet is equipped with a sample notch of 20 mm, biotic tip stylet, and "Menghini" sharpened cannula to easily penetrate fibrous tissues. The echogenic marker on the cannula enhances visibility under ultrasound during the biopsy procedure and centimeter markings allow for easy depth determination. 

LightCut Plus is equipped with a detachable cannula which can be used as a coaxial introducer for the device.

Product reference: PDxxyy

XX = Gauge

YY = Length

Standard Packaging: Pouch

Included in the packaging: LightCut needle, sliding stopper, cannula protection, and firing safety

Number of Units per Box: 10

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