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Bone marrow biopsy needle

Alternate Versions: Osteo JH - bone marrow biopsy needle with diamond tip, reference code: PJHXXYY

OsteoJ is a device for bone tissue biopsy with an ergonomic T handle that optimizes the distribution of pressure applied by the operator during insertion into cortical bone. 

The needle is equipped with a cannula made of AISI 304 tempered stainless steel in accordance with international standards. The centimeter markings on the cannula's surface allow insertion depth into the bone tissue to be easily determined. 

The special "fish mouth" sharpening of the needle tip improves penetration capacity, establishing a perfect cylindrical cut that maintains the sample's integrity. 

OsteoJ has a security system with rotation coupling that prevents stylet movement during needle insertion. The extraction wire measures specimen quantity in the cannula and offers added safety to biopsy specimen extraction.

PJ-BLU needle

The set also includes:

  • A safety cap to be inserted on the top of the cannula prior to specimen extraction

  • A Luer-lock (on the handle) to avoid blood loss during extraction

OsteoJ needle is equipped with a trocar pyramidal-tipped stylet that allows for quick and minimally-invasive penetration of cortical bone. The packaging includes information about needle diameter with international color codes.

Product reference: PJXXYY

XX = Gauge

YY = Length

Standard Packaging: Blister

Included in the packaging: OsteoJ needle, luer lock, safety cap, and stylet

Number of Units per Box: 10
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