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Kit for paracentesis and fluid aspiration

Alternative versions: ParaSet 1 with a 3-way stopcock, reference code: AV01yyy

ParaSet 2 with a one-way valve, reference code: AV02yyy

ParaSet is used for percutaneous drainage of fluid from the body's cavities. The kit consists of on or more drainage bags (2, 5, 9 , or 14 liters) with a non-return valve and drainage tap. 

The set is also equipped with a 90 cm luer extension tube, a three way stopcock or a one-way valve, and a 16G x 45 mm cannula. 

SaccaSiringaProlunga AV0
SaccaSiringaProlunga AV0
SaccaSiringaProlunga AV0

Product reference: AV01 or AV02

Contact us to obtain the reference code for your configuration of the kit.

Standard Packaging: Pouch

Included in the packaging: ParaSet kit

Number of Units per Box: 10
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