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Bone marrow biopsy needle without luxation with inner trap device 

The PressTo needle is a device for bone tissue biopsy that is equipped with an internal trap system that enables tissue extraction without luxation. The trap system and the particular shape of the needle allow operators to withdraw tissue samples up to 15% larger than those extracted by similar needles on the market.

The ergonomic "T" handle offers optimal pressure and a secure grip during penetration of cortical bone. The handle includes a luer lock that provides additional safety when attaching a syringe. PressTo needle is also equipped with a security system with rotation coupling that prevents stylet movement during the insertion process. 

PS needle

The cannula of the needle is made with high quality tempered stainless steel, and centimeter markings on its surface allow the user to easily set their desired insertion depth into the bone tissue. The special "fish mouth" sharpening of the needle tip improves penetration ability, establishing a perfect cylindrical cut (up to 3 cm) that preserves sample architecture. 

PressTo needle offers significant benefits in comparison to similar devices available on the market such as: 

  • ​Avoided use of luxation movements which cause patients pain

  • Considerably increased probability of positive procedure outcomes 

  • Simpler and safer specimen extraction as the specimen is removed with the trap system 

  • Withdrawal of specimens with diameters around 15% larger 

The needle is equipped with a a pyramidal trocar-tipped stylet that allows for quick and minimally invasive penetration into cortical bone. PressTo also comes with an extraction wire that, thanks for centimeter markings on its surface, measures the amount of specimen trapped in the cannula, and provides additional safety to specimen extraction. The needle gauge and international color code are stamped on the packaging. 

Product reference: PSXXYY

XX = Gauge

YY = Length

Standard Packaging: Blister

Included in the packaging: PressTo needle, safety cap, Luer lock, and extraction wire

Number of Units per Box: 10
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